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Terms and Policy

© My Fancy Cards, updated 1st January, 2018

These terms and policies set out below form the Terms of Trade that shall be applicable to your use of, including your acquisition of products or services through, this website (“Website”) by My Fancy Cards (“MFC”). MFC may amend these Terms of Trade at any time by posting the amended terms on this Website which you acknowledge shall constitute sufficient notice to you thereof.

It is your responsibility to carefully read these Terms of Trade before using this Website or any of MFC’s services.  If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms of Trade, unfortunately we are unable to provide any of our services to you.  If you wish to alter part of the Terms of Trade due to certain needs or requirements, please contact us first and it is at our discretion to form a separate Terms of Trade with you for a particular case.

Online Pricing and Currency

All prices published on the Website are in USD (United States Dollars) unless specified otherwise.  If you chose to display any other currency on the Website, such as AUD and CAD, the online prices will be converted to that chosen currency but the exchange rate can fluctuate automatically from time to time.  It is only the USD that is fixed in pricing, all other currencies will fluctuate regularly.

You will be charged with the currency you have chosen at the time of making the purchase.

Online Payments

We accept PayPal and several major credit card providers on the Website.  There is no surcharge for paying by credit cards, however in the event of refund, we will deduct any bank charges associated with refunding the money back to your nominated account, and only remit the net balance.


All quotations from MFC are valid for 30 days from the date the quote was supplied in writing.  If you have received a quotation from MFC due to the non-standard nature of the job, please submit your order via “Custom Quote” on the Website.  MFC reserves the right to reject an order if the quotation was deemed incorrect, even if it was still within the 30 days period.


Any discounts or credits may be given to you in the form of a Coupon Code.  The Coupon Code must be submitted by you at the time of order placement at check out.  It cannot be applied after a sale transaction had been made online.

Production Time Estimate and Delays

An estimated turnaround time for an order will be displayed towards the bottom of the calculator, which is indicative only and cannot be regarded as a guaranteed completion time.  The calculator was pre-set with a set of turnaround time for different printing options and finishes, therefore it did not factor in multiple sets or large quantities or unexpected production issues that may occur and affect the total production timeframe.  The Production Time Estimate shown on our calculator can only be deemed indicative, and any delays caused by unexpected failures, or technical issues with the presses or any equipment, will not give rise to grounds for a refund.  It is in MFC’s sole discretion to provide compensation measures such as discounts or extra cards, and MFC shall not be held responsible for any financial loss caused by the production delay.

The Production Time Estimate is calculated in business days and does not include weekends and public holidays.  It only begins once payment had been made and digital artwork proof had been approved by you.  It does not include shipping time as well.

If you have a super urgent deadline to meet, please advise us in advance and we will do our best to deliver that.  Although we can have control over production time, shipping is definitely outside our control and MFC shall not be held responsible for any shipping delays.


MFC has sole discretion to use any international and domestic carriers it sees fit.  If you have a preferred carrier to work with for your country and area, please discuss with us first as extra charge can apply.

Shipping timeframes are calculated based on estimates provided by carriers to MFC, and therefore they are indicative only, not guaranteed.  MFC shall not be held liable for any delays in delivery caused by shipping companies, custom issues, or any other circumstances beyond the control of MFC.

You need to provide true and accurate delivery details at the time of purchase, including a physical address (not PO Box), and a valid phone number for contact in case of absence.  If a package is not delivered due to a mistake in shipping details supplied by you, MFC can help reship the package but any extra charges imposed by the shipping company will be passed to you.  As each country has different delivery practices and policies, you will need to follow the local procedures imposed by the shipping company MFC works with.

It is your responsibility to provide full details of recipient to ensure proper delivery of your package.  All packages are sent based on the shipping details set out in the invoice or proof of purchase.

In case your package was lost, stolen, or damaged in some way, please notify us within 3 days after delivery had been reported as “completed” in the carrier’s system, and we will investigate the matter immediately.  We will do our best to give you a satisfactory outcome if such unfortunate event happened.

Colour Expectation and Variance

MFC shall not be held responsible for any colour variance or colour accuracy arising from different print runs, or compared to a previous sample produced by another printer.  Colour expectation and judgement can be very subjective, therefore a reasonable degree of colour variance should be allowed and tolerated.  Colours should not be compared against computer screens, if there is a dispute on colours, we would resort to an industry use CMYK colour chart and/or PMS swatch book for reference first.  If major colour variance does occur and it is clearly a production fault by MFC, we would either offer a major discount or reprint 100% of the order for you.

We would expect that you appreciate the following industry rules and knowledge:

  • A Pantone colour can never be reproduced 100% by CMYK settings.
  • If you wish to maintain consistency of colours throughout various print runs, it is recommended to print with Pantone colours as the ink is pre-mixed.
  • Even when Pantone inks are used, each print run may still yield minor colour variance due to intensity of inks.
  • Even if the same CMYK settings are used on the front and back side of the artwork, colour output could still occur if the print was done via offset gang-up. (ie, many jobs sharing the same plate.)
  • Different paper stocks will lead to different colour output, so as different printing presses.

Order Cancellations

All jobs at MFC are made to order.  Therefore, if an order was cancelled after it was completed, we cannot resell to anyone else as all jobs are custom made.  Full refund is not available once an order was approved by you to go into production.  In the event that an order must be cancelled or modified due to a particular reason, it needs to be clearly communicated to MFC staff and we will assess on a case by case basis whether to provide partial refund.  The amount of refund will also depend on the status of production.

When an order is placed in the system and had been paid for, please submit the correct artwork within 30 days and send us approval within that 30 days timeframe as well.  Orders not approved to production after 30days will be deemed as cancelled and 90% of pre-payment will be converted to credits for use in the future.  10% of pre-payment will be charged as cancellation fee.

Returns, Reprints, and Refunds

If a claim is made for a reprint or refund, MFC reserves the right to ask for return of the goods in question in its entirety, at the client’s cost, if further evaluation is deemed necessary.  Depending on the circumstances, MFC will in its discretion to provide compensation in the form of discount, reprint, or refund.  Although we will endeavour to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome for a complaint, MFC reserves the right to make the final call as to what shall be a reasonable remedy according to industry standards.

In the event a reprint is honoured, the same original file must be used and any modification to its content will be considered as a new order.  If you wish to make changes to the artwork when it is reprinted, it will be regarded as a new order but special discount can be given as it is also a case of reprint.

All complaints must be raised within 5 business days after receiving the products in full.  Any claims post the 5 business days may be rejected by MFC for making assessments.  If a claim of printing defects is made, in the preliminary assessment we will need substantiation of defects by at least 2 photos.  One showing a close up image of the defect(s), the other showing at least 10 samples of the same defect(s).  If the defective cards or shortage of cards is 50 units or below, MFC has the discretion to either refund the shortage amount or reprint the shortage.

Reprints need the same amount of time as it had in the first making.  Although we would do our best in rushing the reprint out for you, we can only do what is possible.  If the reprint is due to a fault caused by MFC, we will bear the cost of shipping the reprint to you.

Order Tracking

After an order is placed in our online system, we will update you the status of your order by email along the way.  Alternatively, you can log in on our website and find your job status in purchasing history.

Once an order is shipped out, you will be sent an email advising the tracking number for the parcel and the carrier used.  You will need to access the shipper’s website to track the status of delivery.

Lost Parcel

When an order is handed over to the shipper for dispatch, we have no control as to when and how the parcel will be delivered to your nominated address.  Depending on the value of the order, and the tax-free policies set by each country, your parcel could be temporarily withheld by custom and subject to tariffs and taxes.  This circumstance does not give rise to “lost parcel” and it is your responsibility to cover all tariffs and taxes that may be imposed to the shipment.

Lost parcel occurs when the shipping carrier declares that they have lost the parcel during transit, or when they have delivered to the wrong recipient or wrong address. A POD (Proof of Delivery) will be used to determine whether wrong delivery occurs.  In the event of lost parcel, MFC will either make a full refund (both cost of goods and shipping) or immediately do a reprint and ship out free of charge as compensation of lost parcel.  Please note that if the POD shows that at the time of attempted delivery, there were no one at the nominated address to receive the goods, which led to parcel being lost or redirected to the transit depot, MFC takes no responsibility for the lost parcel or redirecting the parcel to another address.

Tariffs and Taxes

Each country has their own tax-free benchmarks and tariff systems, yet we are not familiar with the tax systems in each country.  The prices published on MFC’s website do not include tariffs and/or taxes in any country, which means your order may be subject to importation fees or taxes and tariffs when entering into the destined country.  You can check with local authorities and discuss with our customer service if you think your order(s) may be subject to such fees and charges.

Artwork Design Service

MFC is primarily a production based service provider, rather than a design service provider.  If artwork design service is requested, we need to evaluate the scope of work first and then provide a quotation for such service.  We may do the design work in-house or outsource it to a third party, depending on the resource allocation at the time the work is given.

All intellectual property rights arising from this design service shall remain with MFC, even if it is a paid service.  We will only provide a reasonable resolution artwork proof to you for the purposes of obtaining approval.  If a high resolution file, or print-ready file, of such design work is requested, MFC reserves the right to charge a Separation Fee as the file may be taken to elsewhere for printing.

Artwork Proofs

When you make the purchase online, you have the option to choose whether to receive an electronic proof of the artwork/order you uploaded.  If you choose not to, it means you are confident that your supplied file(s) is print-ready and has complied with all printing requirements we have set out on the website.  In this instance, we will print your supplied file(s) as is, without engaging our pre-press team member to go over your artwork again and do a pre-flight check.

If you choose to receive an electronic proof before the job is sent to production, there will be a Proofing Fee applied as per amount set out on our website.  This Proofing Fee is limited to 15 minutes of time used to check files and prepare a digital proof.  In case of multiple proofs are required due to the magnitude of the order, MFC may charge multiple Proofing Fees at its discretion.

Although all care will be taken in the preparation of the proof, you will be responsible for reviewing the details of the order as well as the content of the proof.  Once approval is granted, MFC does not bear any liability for any errors or mistakes not noticed on the proof.  Any change requested after an order has begun production is not impossible but may attract extra charge to compensate for the work that had been done.

Repeat Orders

If the order is a repeat order of a full colour print, please note that we do not guarantee colour matching as different print runs may be produced by different presses and different neighbouring jobs (in the case of gang-up print).

If the order is a repeat order of a foiling or embossing job, please note that you can choose “existing block” in our online calculator, which means that we can use a previously made block to do this job.  By choosing “existing block”, this will also save you the cost of making a new block.  However we only keep customers’ blocks up to a period of 12 months, unless specifically agreed between the customer and MFC to keep the block longer than 12 months.

If the order is a repeat order of a diecut job, you can choose “existing knife” in our online calculator, which means that we can use a previously made die knife to do this job.  However, we only keep custom made knives up to 12 months, unless specifically agreed to keep longer between the customer and MFC.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, shall remain with the original author of the work unless a design service was undertaken by MFC, which may vest the copyright of the (re)design work in MFC.  Upon payment of the Separation Fee, ownership of copyright will be transferred to the client.  MFC only retains the right to display designs as past project portfolio on its website, for the purposes of showcasing previous work.

You agree that all content supplied to MFC is free from any copyright infringement or disputes relating to infringement of intellectual property rights.  You acknowledge that MFC, being the printer of a given design work, shall be relieved from any accusations of infringement of intellectual property rights.

Right to Display

MFC would like to showcase as many clients’ work as possible on our website and other marketing channels such as Pinterest.  We would normally give special discounts to your order in exchange for the right to display your cards on our website or other marketing channels.  If you do not wish your cards to be showcased online, please inform us and we will take the images offline.

Use of Samples

MFC may use extra cards produced in a project as samples to showcase to new or existing clients about certain features of the paper stock or printing techniques used.  We may modify part of the contact details or names as protection of privacy.  If you do not wish your cards to be used as samples, please let us know at the proofing stage.


MFC does not accept any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses of business or profit as a result of delays, or mistakes and errors occurred in the production process.  To avoid any misunderstanding or misrepresentation of website content and prices, you can double check with our customer service first before placing an order.