Print Together


Many of you must have heard the concept of “gang-up” that has been widely used in the world of offset printing.  The concept is based on a group of people wanting the same product to share the significant set up costs that would be incurred during the printing process, instead of one person absorbing it all.

At 101 Print, we hear you.  We are introducing a PRINT TOGETHER space where we’re gathering orders of the same kind to offer group discounts.  We will be choosing products that are typically regarded as “high end and luxury”, and try to make these products more affordable to people who would love to get hold of a prestige type of card, but hesitated due to cost.

The concept of PRINT TOGETHER is so that if we can gather a few customers who are willing to:

  1. Print on the same card stock; and
  2. Print with the same technique(s); and
  3. Print certain sizes and quantity only; and
  4. Print on the same date.

You can also add on other post-press options, but those extra options will not receive the discount as you would under PRINT TOGETHER.

Please read carefully about the following before you place the order: 

It is very important that you abide by the artwork submission date, as all jobs collected for the purpose of print together will be processed to print on our scheduled dates. Failure to finalise an order before the artwork submission date may result in the order not being plated in that run, therefore missing out on the PRINT TOGETHER specials. If this happens, we can convert your purchase money into credits for you to print other matters with My Fancy Cards in the future.