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Artwork Specs


My Fancy Cards will not be held responsible for any work produced with artwork that is not submitted in line with the required artwork terms and conditions. By submitting orders with My Fancy Cards you agree that all artwork is provided correctly and hereby release and indemnify My Fancy Cards from any liability in respect to work affected by failure to comply with the required artwork terms.

Please ensure you read, understand the artwork specifications and requirements and take our proofing policy into consideration before you place your order(s).

When placing an order, you are agreeing to the My Fancy Cards’ terms and conditions of trade, if you are unsure of require further clarification on our terms and conditions, please email us at

Artwork terms and conditions

  • Electronic proofs (e-proof) are only low-resolution forms of the artwork received.  It is customer’s ultimate responsibility to check whether the proof deviates from the artwork supplied.
  • Once the e-proof is approved, we will print in accordance with the layout of the e-proof. So, please ensure you check the e-proofs carefully and do let us know if you need clarification.
  • E-proofs are not to be used for colour reference (as different computer screens can show different colour outputs).
  • All PMS or RGB colours in the supplied artwork will be converted to CMYK settings automatically, if this wasn’t done so by the customer. Please note that colour variances can be a result of this automatic conversion.
  • Print colours can vary from print to print (for the best colour accuracy; please refer to a printed colour chart and not your screen).
  • Please allow trimming variances of 1~3mm.
  • If your artwork file is provided as a 2 page PDF, we will treat the front of the job to be page 1 and back of the job on page 2,
  • If you have multiple versions, please provide them in separate PDFs
  • Please provide your artwork files with accurate trim marks
  • Please allow for at least 2mm external and internal bleed
  • Please flatten your artwork and not to link any images.
  • If you have a large area of solid black please use a rich black break down of C 40%, M 40%, Y 40%, K 100% to achieve the best result. Text is fine as 100% Black (K) only
  • For any extra finishes (i.e. Spot UV, Foiling, Diecutting, embossing/ debossing), please clearly indicate these on separately PDFs
  • Please bear in mind that adding a matt cello glaze will darken the colours by approximately 5%
  • As per industry standard colours may vary up to 10%
  • Ultimately, the client is responsible for ensuring all the contents (layout, orientation, spelling and numbers etc.) are correct on the e-proof. Despite the fact that it may have been correct previously or was provided correctly, errors and hiccups happen and things can change. Once the the e-proof has been approved, My Fancy Cards will take no responsibility for any typos or errors.

Recommended File Setup


Please note that you will be responsible for checking that your supplied files.  My Fancy Cards do not accept responsibility for errors caused by incorrectly set up files (e.g. misspelling, incorrect, missed logo or contents).


JPEG, AI, PSD, EPS and PDF formats.
Please note that the resolution must be sufficiently good for large format work. (At least 300dpi)


Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop.
If you use software other than these please export your files in a format that can be opened by the above applications OR
a) in an EPS format OR
b) if using CorelDraw export as Adobe Illustrator (.ai)


ALL text should be converted to outlines/paths/curves in your graphic design software to prevent your fonts being replaced with a similar one.


We recommend that you use only high resolution images to create your artwork and ensure that you link all images to your artwork file.


Not all blacks/ greys are the same! Avoid using 4 colour Blacks and Greys!
Photoshop, Office default Black and Grey contain all 4 CMYK elements.

It is fine for a website or a screen presentation, however, if you use this for printing, you open your design up to mis-registration, scuffing and drying issues.

Single Black and Greys

Use this Black and Grey for all text and line work.  This will ensure you will not get any small dots of the other colours on the edge of your text.

Full Rich Black

Use this Black for true rich black backgrounds and images (but not for text).


Lines must be at least 0.2mm (0.57pt) for it to be printed.
Do not use the ‘fill’ function to draw lines, always use the ‘stroke’ function.


Please create your artwork 1:1 scale.
Remember to include sufficient image area on all edges where images bleed (print over the edge)
Please refer to the Artwork Preparation Guides below.

Please add 5mm more bleed on all sides for saddle stitched and perfect bound booklets and books.


Please ensure that the maximum ink coverage (combination of CMYK elements) does not exceed 200%.
Artwork/images with higher than 200% ink coverage would make the ink harder to dry and could leave undesired marks/patches on the prints.


Always group your artwork into 1 single group to avoid elements missing during artwork transfers.


Do not lock the layers in the artwork as to prevent elements missing during artwork transfers.


We will try to match as closely as possible but please be aware that some Pantone/PMS colours are not achievable by CMYK printing process.  We do not accept responsibility for reasonable variations in colour.  Every care is taken to ensure that the colour of each printout is matched as closely as possible.  If you have any special requirements in regards to colour matching, please contact us before placing your order.


Rasterization of images/ artwork containing effects such as drop shadows, gradients, opacity variances and flares are recommended to avoid possible mis-registration upon transfer of artworks.


By default, when you print opaque, overlapping colours, the top colour knocks out the area underneath.
Overlapping removes this knockout and the following can occur:

  • the topmost overlapping printing ink will appear transparent in relation to the underlying ink; or
  • with a dark underlying colour, the topmost overlapping colour can be totally absorbed by the darker colour and fail to print out.


In regards to artwork, a separate PDF file which contains all Spot UV elements set to K100 is to be supplied.

Please ensure that this ‘Spot layer’ exported PDF file is aligned in all respects to (size, orientation, crop, position of images and text etc.) to the original CMYK artwork.

UV varnish can sometimes shift slightly when applied. Avoid applying them to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork.