Large Size (<8x8cm)

The soft-touch film applied triplex cards are scratch-resistant and give a unique feel similar to peach skin. The middle layers can be chosen from 10 colours and 2 thickness using Koehler Creative Board.


Printing: Digital Print/Foiling
Stock: Soft Touch lamination finish on top and bottom cards
Standard BC size: 90 x 54mm
Finish: Soft Touch Laminated

Choice of middle colour (10 colours available) layer specifications:
For 270gsm/100lbs Koehler Creative Board middle layer, approx. 1.15mm/45pt thick
For 540gsm/200lbs Koehler Creative Board middle layer, approx. 1.65mm/65pt thick

Additional Information

This triplexed card is sometimes described as a “sandwich” card. The top and bottom layers are white, and for the middle layer there are 2 thicknesses and up to 10 colours to choose from. The colour swatch can be found here.

The way we do this kind of triplex cards is that we print onto the Soft Touch Film Artboard first for the top and bottom layers, then mount them together with the chosen middle layer. Any post-press finishes such as foiling and diecutting will be applied afterwards.

Note: Embossing is not recommended for this product as the papers will go through a levelling machine that would reduce the embossing effect when papers are rolled into the machine.


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